Tracey Kemp

I highly recommend Israel and PuroClean. I had a scare after another contractor came to my home to assess some water damage that occurred on the sheet rock and moulding inside and around my back door. The contractor told me that a 3-4 ft radius of tile around the door had moisture as well. He informed me that the tile would more than likely need to be ripped up, everything dried and replaced! This wasn’t in his scope of work or most other companies I called. Israel contacted me within an hour of my call to PuroClean, and despite his heavy workload, was willing to make an after-hours visit the same day. He worked around my work schedule and made a trip to Lockhart to address my concerns. The repairs needed turned out to be minor that can be handled by a handyman, and Israel assured me my flooring would not need to be replaced. He also helped me pinpoint the source of the water damage, which was a nearby sprinkler. A huge burden has been lifted! Obviously, this company truly cares about helping people and not just getting paid.

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