PuroClean Restores a Townhome Fourplex After a Massive Fire

Fire Restoration

2021 was a year of many challenges, and our team made us proud by rising to the occasion! Among our many jobs of the year, one was the most significant. A massive fire blazed in a townhouse, the fire quickly spread smoke and soot causing damage to the other units in the building, totaling four units. We knew this would be a complex restoration, but we were ready!

Restoring the Units from the Townhouse Fire

This was a tall task, and many factors made this a unique undertaking for us. There were so many moving parts, such as the extensive and lengthy estimate process, the communication between multiple parties and the coordination of key subcontracting. But we weren’t just juggling those challenges. We also had to perform demolitions for all units and then go through the smoke remediation process.

We mitigated many problems by addressing them early and reassessing the situation often, navigating each difficulty with a positive, can-do attitude. Another unexpected issue we encountered was having to remove blown-in attic insulation. We confidently assessed the situation in a timely manner and took care of the issue at hand. One of the last steps was to mitigate the remaining smoke damage. We used hydroxyl generators to eliminate the odors and break down VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in indoor environments.

The entire job process posed very complex issues which our team members successfully tackled with professionalism, positivity and outside-the-box solutions.

Trust PuroClean of Bartlett for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

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Last edited on 11th of March 2022