Holiday Safety Tips for 2021

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Christmas wouldn’t be complete without seasonal decorations, such as Christmas trees and twinkling lights. These accessories make the holidays more joyful, but not being cautious when using them can lead to dangers. Following some simple holiday safety tips can ensure your celebrations avoid incident.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there are twice the amount of fires on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year. Also, decorations account for an average of 800 home fires and nearly $4 million in property damage in the US annually.

Follow these holiday safety tips to prevent fires and other accidents in your home during the holidays.

Woman plugging in Christmas lights with hard hat on after following holiday safety tips
Follow the holiday safety tips to keep your family protected this holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas Trees

Holiday decorations

Holiday Lights

Other Holiday Safety Tips

For Fire Damage Restoration, Call PuroClean’s Remediation Experts

Follow these holiday safety tips to enjoy a disaster-free holiday season with your loved ones! However, if a fire event occurs in your property, PuroClean stands ready to come to your rescue. Our fire restoration technicians are prepared to deal with smoke cleanup and fire damage repairs of any size. Contact your local PuroClean office for speedy and professional fire damage restoration services.

Last edited on 14th of December 2021

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