John Jacobs of PuroClean First Responders, Waukesha, WI –Makes Headlines

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On December 18th, 2010, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, printed an article titled, “No More Lead Time” which described the trials and tribulations of two Wauwatosa homeowners as they ventured into home renovations. These homeowners were surprised to learn that the Government recently created more strict laws regarding lead paint and home renovations of properties older than 1978. This new information was not new to PuroClean Franchisee owner, John Jacobs of PuroClean First Responders. These new guidelines help to ensure that lead paint is removed properly and safely.
John Jacobs of PuroClean First Responders, Waukesha, WI made headlines with his helpful insight on the dangers and hazards of lead paint with respect to home renovations. To read the full article go here:
All PuroClean technicians are trained and certified in the latest technologies to keep you and your family safe from lead paint and can also provide fire and smoke damage restoration, emergency water and flood damage restoration, mold and mildew removal as well as many additional biohazard services, your home and business may need.