Slow Water Leak Causes Sky High Water Bill or Worse!

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Ever wonder why your water bill is so high? One possible reason this month’s water bill is sky-high may be due to a slow leak in a bathroom or kitchen.  Pay special attention to each water connection and if you suspect a water leak or cracked pipe, your best bet is to call a plumber before extreme water damage to your home occurs.
According to a recent article in thedailygreen, "Most of us would be surprised to find out that one in every five toilets leak, and since the leaks are usually silent, you probably have no idea if your toilet is leaking. A leaking toilet can waste anywhere between 30 and 500 gallons of water every day, so any leak should be repaired".
If your home has suffered water damage, mold may be on the attack! PuroClean’s Paramedics of Property Damage specialize in water extraction and mold and mildew clean up and removal. Each PuroClean location is certified in the latest state of science technologies to remove mold and water as well as many other property restoration services. With over 300 PuroClean locations Nationwide and throughout Canada, a safe way to make sure your home is water and mold free is to call our Paramedics of Property Damage today! Call (800) 775-PURO or visit our website to find the closest PuroClean location for your home or business here:[search_distance]=25&dis...