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Fire RestorationPublished July 20, 2021

Rechargeable Batteries Burst into Flames in a Home in Blanco

It’s very easy to forget about the batteries we have lying around our homes. Sometimes we put them in a drawer or a closet, then only think about them when we need to replace them in our TV remote or a child’s toy. But, ignoring them is a bad idea, as a client of ours from Blanco, TX recently discovered. Their teenage son stored some rechargeable batteries in his closet, which subsequently started a small fire. The damage was not massive, but it still required a deep cleaning, so they called us to provide that.

Restoring the Blanco Home After the Fire

Most important of all, no one in the family of 4 was hurt during the fire. Thankfully, it was contained to a small area and extinguished before anything more happened. However, the closet itself was badly damaged as the batteries combusting caused bubbling on the drywall on the ceiling. We would have to cut out and remove this portion as part of our restoration, as we could not save it.

However, while the fire was relatively contained, the smoke and soot were well-distributed throughout the entire home. When a fire occurs indoors with central AC, the air intake will disperse the soot throughout the whole system. And so, a major component of this job was also cleaning the air vent & ducts. When we do duct cleaning, we take off each vent and hand clean them. We then use a HEPA vacuum to remove the soot from within the airways so there will be no deposits remaining.

Afterward, we focus on cleaning the ceiling. This is usually a tedious process, and it takes multiple passes and the right products to clean the ceiling completely. We use the HEPA vacuum to remove any soot that exists, running the equipment over all surfaces between the walls and ceiling. When we do this, we start from the ceiling, work our way down to the walls, and then clean the floor as particles settle.

Our team was able to get in and complete the work in only 3 days and gave the client’s son back his bedroom in great condition. The client was pleased with our work and left us a lovely review stating that we were “professional folks that exceeded his expectations.”

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