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A trip to Loveland, Colorado to rectify some water damage

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Don’t wait or compromise when responding to water damage in your house….

Water leak ruining the floor

Equipment technology optimized for drying water damage
Our equipment is designed to maximize the efficient drying of water damage in the home

If your insurance company denies coverage and you think it might be too expensive to go with PuroClean, think again.  When you have a water event in your house, be it water in your basement or an overflow from a sink or toilet anywhere in the house, getting everything dried out needs to be your first priority.  Unsolved water damage will lead to far more significant problems later on such as structural damage or microbial contamination(mold infestation).  It will cost you far more if you hire an unqualified company that doesn’t have the training, certifications or use industry standard pricing.  PuroClean employs only qualified and certified technicians.  We have the knowledge and training to work your problem efficiently until it is resolved.

In early August 2017 we helped a customer in Loveland whose basement flooded from a broken sprinkler line.  Their claim was initially denied because it was believed that the water was ground water coming in through the sump pit in the basement.  The client believed they could not afford to have PuroClean certified technicians come to restore their basement.  Instead they called in a carpet cleaning service.  That company was able  extract the water out of the carpet but they didn’t have the training, knowledge or equipment to check for moisture in then walls, ceiling, trim or structure.  They just did not realize the extent of the water intrusion throughout the basement and left the job before even realizing that the drywall and trim were saturated too.

5 days after the carpet cleaning company left, the real cause of the leak was finally determined.  A sprinkler supply line had broken between the house and the sprinkler system and insurance was going to cover the cost of the water damage restoration.

commerical de-humidifiers, rapid drying, remove water from the room and air
Commercial dehumidifiers ensure quick drying of water damage. When used by qualified technicians they elevate the heat increasing evaporation and remove that evaporated water from the air.

Once coverage was verified the homeowners Insurance agent immediately contacted PuroClean because they know that they can trust us and that we are well trained and certified in all the disciplines of water mitigation and mold remediation.  We went to the house and got to work, checking moisture levels throughout the basement and discovered elevated levels of moisture in both the bathroom and bedroom walls.  The carpets were dry but the walls were still wet.  Drywall will soak up water like a sponge and aggressive drying techniques are needed to get that wallboard dry and stable again.  Walls left to dry naturally can lead to a mold problem in the future. 

equipment placement, drying equipment, high efficiency air movers aid in drying
Placing equipment in the proper position ensures efficient and thorough drying

So please remember to call the service that will ensure your problem is thoroughly dealt with and resolved before leaving; and if in doubt please know that PuroClean will do a free assessment if you are concerned about how much it might cost you, when you are worried that insurance won’t cover the loss.  Our people are certified, background checked and fully insured to make sure that your home is returned to its pre-loss state at minimal cost to you.  Don’t hesitate to call us to get it done right the first time!!!

Last edited on 10th of October 2023