Can a tiny toddler flood a house?

Your toddler just flooded your house?


Parents know the struggle all too well.

Do you enjoy the mysterious moment of silence? Or do you listen to your gut and go on the hunt for your uncharacteristically quiet little one? Anyone with a toddler in their home can tell you it only takes the blink of an eye for them to get into something that could take hours even days to fix.

Our PuroClean team recently responded to just such a call in Northglenn Colorado.

While dad was downstairs, our precocious little culprit was covertly plugging all the drains in the sinks in the upstairs bathrooms. Because…..water is fun!  She plugged the sink drain and the toilet as well as the shower drain and then turned on the water…

Water damage can be caused by the adventurous toddler
A creative and inquisitive toddler can be a source of entertainment

It didn’t take long.  The running water and our little culprit went undiscovered long enough for water to flood the bathroom and infiltrate HVAC ductwork.  It also saturated the ceiling in the Kitchen below, and ran through the ducting to unfinished parts of the home.

Water damage is NOT fun for the homeowner but if you call us quickly and we can respond right away the damage can be minimized.  Water damage clean up is our job.  Our technicians are all trained and certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration.

We will help you get the water to stop flowing and the clean up started.

First, we assess the damage and the extent of the water damage.  We use a wide array of sensors including moisture meters, IR Cameras and Boroscope cameras to map out all the wet areas.  Fortunately, in this case, the water had not breeched the ceiling below. We were able to dry the bathroom and ceilings below the bathroom in only three days without any demolition.  Because of the proud parents quick call to PuroClean we were able to dry everything in place with the only disruption to their home being a few pieces of equipment in their bathroom and in the room below to dry the ceiling.  With the proper positioning of air movers and dehumidifiers in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms we were able to get the house dry, back to “dry standard” quickly.  A quick response and rapid thorough drying saves the walls and structure and ensures no mold.

Children are curious and creative and water will always be a source of fun and fascination. Almost 20% of residential water claims can possibly be attributed to children. So, its no surprise we are prepared for your call. Clean water in the house is quick and easy to dry with the right equipment.  We will be in and out of your home quickly to clean up the water damage and return your home to the pre-damaged condition.

We specialize in water damage restoration so you can focus on your family and your home. Containment is key. Water damage can be pervasive and elusive. It’s important to act quickly to avoid mold and any further complication. Whether it’s a plugged toilet, stopped up sink or the experiments of your future scientists, PuroClean has you covered.

Don’t be overwhelmed by water damage. Call PuroClean Disaster Response


Last edited on 6th of February 2019