Massive Undertaking: PuroClean Handles Fire and Water Damage from 2021 Home Fire

Fire Restoration

In 2020, firefighters across the United States responded to a home fire on average every 89 seconds according to the National Fire Protection Association’s recent findings. Home fires happen frequently, and they can be caused by anything from cooking mishaps to negligence, such as leaving an open flame unattended too close to curtains. When house fires do occur, even the smallest fire can cause a plethora of soot, smoke, fire, and water damage to the property.

Outside Fire Leads to Both Fire and Water Damage Inside Home

We recently received a call from a family of four with two small children in Denver, Colorado, who had just experienced a house fire. Though we were originally called to address the fire damage, we soon found that the job included both fire and water damage, among other challenges. Our team was ready, and we got started as soon as possible to restore the damage and get the family settled back into their home.

As soon as we arrived at the home, we assessed the property and prepared our restoration plan to deal with the fire and water damage. The fire had started outside of the home, but it caused significant damage internally throughout. Besides the damage from the fire, smoke, and soot, the house also was affected by the water the firefighters used to save the building. Hundreds of gallons of water were dumped on the house to stop the flames, and that water dripped through each level, creating problems all the way down to the basement.

Our team started by removing the ceiling drywall and ceiling insulation in the entire home. This was necessary because the fire caused smoke damage and soot to cover the insulation in the attic. Once we removed all of the drywall and insulation, we set up our drying equipment to dry out the rest of the studs. While handling the fire and water damage, we noticed areas in the insulation that we suspected could be old mold growth. We treated these areas because, as we have experienced it before, all it takes is some moisture for everything to flare right back up.

Another obstacle came from the home’s furnace. To avoid smoke damage or soot getting into the furnace, it had to be turned off. To ensure our crews wouldn’t be too cold while they worked, we brought in a portable heater and set it up inside the home.

We put the finishing touches on this job last month. It was a stressful time for the family as they had to re-locate while we worked. As they have two small children, we understand how important it was to work quickly and efficiently on the fire and water damage restoration so the family could return home as soon as possible.

This certainly wasn’t an easy job for anyone. It came with numerous challenges from start to finish, but our incredible crew showed up and got everything done. The family was ecstatic to return home safely with their property back to pre-loss condition just in time for the start of the holiday season.

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When you experience fire and water damage in your home, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the cleanup and restoration process. PuroClean of Broomfield has the experience and resources to handle even the most massive undertaking, using our skills and knowledge to restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Contact us 24/7 for assistance: (720) 773-3400.

Last edited on 15th of December 2021