How can Puroclean help with Covid-19

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PuroClean Disaster Response Covid-19 help

Puroclean can perform a deep clean which will help remove germs and which lowers their numbers and helps reduce the spread of infection.

Given what we know so far and following the advice of CDC and others our Covid-19 biohazard clean up process is aimed at limiting the survival of the virus helping to reduce the spread. We can operate in residential and commercial environments.

For the safety and protection of our team members, customers and the community at large our trained professionals will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We will also inform customers of what they should do in advance so that all parties remain safe during and after the cleaning process.

Our two step process includes a cleaning followed by the application of a registered hospital grade disinfectant. Some of the EPA registered products we use require a dwell time to extend contact time to reach maximum effectiveness.

With our advanced training in biohazard cleanup and our knowledge of the use of these disinfectant chemicals PuroClean technicians can compliment and amplify the efforts of homeowners and business owners.

Last edited on 21st of March 2020