How Hoarding Affects Your Homeowners Insurance

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If you struggle with hoarding, you could put your health at risk due to the dangerous and unsanitary conditions created by clutter. What’s worse, hoarding can also make your homeowners insurance claims denied. That’s because most hazards that arise due to hoarding occur because of negligence and poor home maintenance.

Yet, you can probably obtain homeowner’s insurance without difficulty. To approve or deny your request, the insurance representative conducts a “drive-by” inspection of your home. And, unless you have piles of belongings in the yard, you will be granted the policy.

However, you may be left without coverage when you want to renew your policy or if an insurance agent performs a home inspection for any reason.

How Hoarding Affects Your Insurance Claim

If your home is in poor condition, the adjuster may recommend not renewing your policy. But you may receive a warning from your insurance company – to fix the safety hazards and maintenance concerns in a limited time frame – or risk losing coverage.

The common hazards associated with hoarding include:

Also, if the time comes to file an insurance claim but your loss was caused by one of the above issues, your claim might be denied. The insurance adjuster may state that the damage wasn’t accidental. The loss could have been prevented ahead of time, but became inevitable due to massive clutter accumulation. Another reason your claim might be denied is that walking between rooms is a challenge, making finding the damaged area difficult.

Get Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

Instead of waiting for your insurance company to assess your home or for a loss to occur, start dealing with the problem immediately. With professional hoarding cleanup services, you can declutter your home and eliminate dangerous living conditions. This is where PuroClean comes in. Our certified technicians can sanitize and deodorize your home to bring it to a safe and insurable condition. Contact your local PuroClean office for more information.

Last edited on 21st of February 2019

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