Mold in Houseplant Soil

How to Prevent and Remove Mold in Houseplant Soil

Mold Restoration

Mold proliferates in dark and damp environments. While the bathroom and basement are the most common areas where mold can develop in our homes, houseplant soil can also provide the right conditions for mold growth. If you notice mold in houseplant soil or on the plants themselves, take action right away to prevent health risks as well as damage to the plant. Read the tips below to find out how to prevent and remove mold in houseplant soil and on plants:

How to prevent mold in houseplant soil

How to remove mold in houseplant soil

For household mold remediation, call PuroClean

Of course, mold doesn’t only grow in houseplant soil. When it grows in homes, it can be a severe health hazard. Learn how to prevent mold in your home. For mold removal, it’s best to contact a professional mold remediation company, such as PuroClean. We have the training and certificates necessary to achieve proper mold removal so that you can enjoy a healthy home again. So, for professional mold removal services, contact PuroClean today.

Last edited on 28th of April 2020

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