PuroClean Disaster Response does Vapor Barrier Installation in Denver, CO.

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Have you been told by a home inspector that your crawlspace is in need of a quality vapor barrier installation? You are not alone, in fact most people don’t know that there is a need for one until it’s time to sell your property. Due to our high water tables in the Denver, CO area, many crawlspaces suffer from excess moisture issues that can eventually cause significant mold growth on the subflooring and joists that support your basement flooring. Also, if your wanting to utilize your crawlspace for light to moderate storage, wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean, durable surface to place your belongings? In this article explaining vapor barrier installation by PuroClean Disaster Response, we can discuss from start to finish the steps necessary to get a vapor barrier installed in your home.


The first step in getting a vapor barrier installed in your crawlspace is finding a certified and insured contractor in your area that has the skills and qualified technicians necessary to get the job done. With that in mind, PuroClean Disaster Response is an IICRC certified firm that specializes in projects like these. Not only are our technicians trained to install high quality, long lasting vapor barriers, they are capable of tackling any type of property damage that may be encountered in the crawlspace. Common issues we see in crawlspaces without an adequate vapor barrier are mold growth on the subflooring and joists, as well as water condensation and rusting of metal pillars due to elevated moisture levels for prolonged periods of time. If left untreated, these issues can and will cause significant damage to your basements structural integrity. Installing and permanently sealing a high quality vapor barrier will significantly reduce the humidity levels in your crawlspace, and can often even help with odors that may be unpleasantly rising up from the soil. Once you call PuroClean Disaster Response, your just a few days away from putting these issues behind you once and for all.


The second step in getting a vapor barrier installed in your crawlspace is scheduling our free inspection. Performed by a highly trained estimator, your crawlspace will be inspected from wall to wall. We will laser measure your crawlspace and note anything that may need to be addressed before the installation like debris removal, standing water extraction, and mold remediation. If adequate access is not present, please note that it may be necessary to cut into the subfloor to gain appropriate entry. Once PuroClean Disaster Response has inspected the entirety of the crawlspace, we can have an estimate for you often within 48 hours. Additionally, our installation of your home’s vapor barrier is backed up with a fully transferable, lifetime guarantee against any defects.


The final step in getting your vapor barrier project completed is scheduling a service date with PuroClean Disaster Response. Our fully certified, background checked technicians will arrive at your property on time. Taking care not to get your floors dirty, we will lay down proper protection to protect everything in our path. Most vapor barrier installation projects in the Denver area take 1-2 days to complete. Time of completion depends on the overall square footage of the crawlspace and the height of access. Some crawlspaces are very shallow, making installation services more difficult and time consuming. But have no fear, our technicians are trained to work safely in many type of environments, including confined spaces. Safety is always our top priority. Once we have installed your new crawlspace vapor barrier, we will be happy to provide you before and after pictures, so you know the job’s done right.


Please don’t accept any competitors bid without giving us a call first. We want to earn your respect with our high quality work, and be your go to company for any damage restoration services you may need. Also, we now have a live chat feature on our site that will put you in communication with an expert that can answer many questions. Please keep in mind that a visual inspection of your crawlspace is always the most important part of providing you an estimate for a vapor barrier installation, and we are not able to provide pricing over the phone. Thank you for your consideration, we are always here to help at PuroClean Disaster Response of Broomfield, CO.







Last edited on 31st of January 2020