Puroclean is ready to respond. In spite of covid-19

In The Community

Water damage, fire, biohazard, mold and sewer backups require immediate response.

Puroclean is one of the service providers that has been deemed ESSENTIAL. In communities where isolation has been mandated damage restoration services have been deemed essential and continue to be available.

With all of us worried about the Covid-19 or “corona virus” we can’t lose site of everything else. PuroClean remains available to help in times of other emergencies as well.

Water damage, sewer backups, mold infestations and biohazards pose a real danger to our homes and family. These dangers can not wait until the virus run it’s course, they demand immediate response for the health and safety of homeowners and we can help.

PuroClean will continue to provide all of our normal emergency services throughout this trying time.

Most of our insurance company partners have authorized us to use Personal Protective Equipment and other extraordinary measures on all emergency calls allowing us to respond to other emergencies without endangering the homeowners or our team members.

Do not hesitate to call us, we are here to help.

Last edited on 10th of October 2023