Spring time in Northern Colorado is beautiful but it can also bring some wicked weather

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A Homeowners guide to Spring along Colorado’s front range

Spring flowers in Longmont colorado
Spring is a welcome change to the freezing temperatures of winter

Spring is a welcome season in beautiful Colorado.   We look to be delivered from frigid temperatures and drifting snow. But Spring presents its own challenges for homeowners along Colorado’s front range.

Warming temperatures can turn to storms pretty quickly in Colorado.  Any of us who have lived for very long in northern Colorado; Denver, Boulder, Longmont or other communities are familiar with the spring weather.  Severe rain storms lasting days or weeks, high wind and even heavy wet spring snow storms can hit us in the blink of an eye.  Saturated ground, flooded basements, fallen trees, late freezes can all lead to burst pipes and water damage. In order to avoid a disaster, large or small, a few preparations can make a world of difference.

spring snow in Louisville Colorado in mid March 2003
Spring snow storms can be severe

Spring Cleaning is a pastime for homeowners. Emerging from the cold wet Colorado winter, we part the curtains, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air once more.  For homeowners there are a few key items to address in the spring months to ensure a happy and disaster free summer season.

Your AC: Just as you prepared your Furnace in the fall it’s time to prepare your AC for the summer. Now is the time to check filters, make sure drain pans are clear and draining freely, and check your hose connections. It’s also important to remove any dust that has accumulated on or around your unit, as over time a build up can impact the effectiveness of your AC Unit. 

Sprinkler system and outside water spigots: When you turn on the outside water for the first time, be observant.  If you notice any issue with the flow of water turn it off and investigate.  If the sill cock valve on the outside of the house froze during the winter the pipe may have split and water could be running into your basement.  When you charge the outside sprinkler system for the first time inspect it carefully.  Run it through a cycle of all the zones and make sure all the heads are working as expected and that there are no splits or breaks in the piping. It seems common that the pressure relief valve on sprinkler systems is often installed right next to a basement window well.  If that valve froze it can fill up a basement pretty quickly.

The outside water spigot can be frozen and you may not even know it.
Outside water supply valve may have ruptured from a freeze and you may not even know until you turn it on.

Make sure you know how to find your main water shut off valve so that you can stop the flow of water in an emergency

Your Basement: Basements are known to be a damp kingdom of spiders. Dampness is product of inadequate ventilation and higher than normal humidity in the space. In this case a dehumidifier can eradicate the excess moisture.  If you find mold, deal with it carefully.  It’s very easy to spread mold farther through the house if mold cleanup is done incorrectly. If it’s excessive, call PuroClean Disaster Response.  We will ensure the mold cleanup is done safely and thoroughly and that the remediation effort doesn’t cause more problems.  Check out this link for more information on safely cleaning up mold yourself. 

Drainage outside the house:  Make sure down spouts and gutters are in tact and make sure rain water is running away from the house.  Now is also a good time to check your foundation and the base of your concrete walls. Cracks start at the bottom and work their way up. If there has been water penetration, you will see it at the bottom of the crack.

Faucets: Leaky faucets cause more than irritation, they cost money and point to a larger issue, one that is usually very easily fixed. Check under your sinks to make sure connections are properly sealed and tight. It is also important to be aware of any wetness around your dishwasher as this could point to an existing issue. It is equally important to check your laundry room. Checking your washing machine hoses for cracks, bulges and dampness can help to avoid a costly disaster. 

Hot Water Heater: Its vital you check your water heater regularly for signs of leaks and corrosion. A burst hot water heater is a disaster that can be avoided with a little maintenance.  Also check the dates on your water heater.  Most water heaters are designed for a ten year life, if yours is older than that it may be time for a replacement.

With a little preparation and sweat equity you can make your house ready for spring and safe from disaster. But when disaster strikes PuroClean Disaster Response is here to help you.  Whether you are dealing with water damage, a flooded basement or mold we can pick up the pieces and return your home to normal.

Last edited on 28th of February 2019