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Water Damaged Kitchen Floor Restored

Hardwood floor

As “The Paramedics of Property Damage”, we often get called to homes that have hardwood floors that have been damaged by water. It’s not always an easy job because the wood has been soaked and needs to be dried out before it can be repaired. We want to share a story about one of our clients who had a leak in their kitchen. They thought they would need new hardwood floors but instead were pleasantly surprised when we were able to save the original flooring!

Water in the Kitchen, Be Gone!

The hardwood floors in this home were original and had been installed many years ago. The homeowners, a young couple, were very attached to them and did not want to replace the floors just because of a small water leak. When we arrived at the house in Boulder, there was about an inch of water on their kitchen floor. Furthermore, the leak occurred when they were getting kitchen work done, so we knew we were on a tight schedule.

We dried out all of the cabinet interiors to keep them from getting warped or moldy over time due to the water damage. We also set up fans and dehumidifiers to help create evaporation. We made an access cut in the basement ceiling drywall to allow dry hot air to enter the cavity between the basement ceiling and upstairs flooring to “bake” the floor we were drying. We did what we like to call a “sandwich effect” with heat to help evaporate the moisture in the floors.

We do not often get to use our Injectdry system, so we were thrilled to get the chance to teach new technicians how it works, and more importantly, why you should never use an improper technique. These clients were repeat customers who called us because they trusted us after our first time working with them. They were thrilled once again and swore they will never use another company for their restoration needs in the future.

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Last edited on 21st of October 2021