The biohazard restoration process consists of eliminating bodily waste that could create substantial harm with the potential of infecting many people also. Vital Fluid is just one case in point, but there is a lot of waste material at a crime scene or trauma location. No matter what happens, at PuroClean, we know that a restoration problem handled like this takes time and effort.

With a crime scene or trauma on location, there are biohazards left that need to be handled as soon as one can. Biohazard remediation solutions are offered in most large areas, but the final results are lacking at times. Fortunately, PuroClean, referred to at times as The Paramedics of Property Damage, can provide numerous fixes that work for people. Using certified techs to take care of a variety of issues, all it takes is a single call to (720) 773-3400 to start. From there, the focus is getting the property back to looking the way it should.

Our techs can work right away with property owners at any time to set up a cleaning solution. All of the cleaning solutions connected to a crime scene or trauma remediation incident are offered in one place.

Showing Care During The Crime Scene Restoration Process in Denver, Boulder and Longmont, CO

Crime Scene/Trauma remediation consists of techs who are taught to handle restoration tasks with compassion and empathy, control, and responsiveness. PuroClean’s team of IICRC-certified techs comply with following OSHA regulations they are equipped with the proper personal protection equipment (PPE), the best sanitizing tools, and the knowledge to take care of all biohazard issues.

Crime Scene Cleanup and Restoration in Denver, Boulder and Longmont, CO

Crime Scene restoration comprises the deep cleaning and use of sanitizers on houses, businesses, cars, public parks, public facilities, and more after deaths, work accidents, and other major incidents. Our team understands how shocking these events are to most and will show care for everyone involved.

Denver, Boulder and Longmont, CO Crime Scene and Trauma-related Solutions include the following:

  • Cleaning Traffic Collisions
  • Murder/Suicide Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental injuries or Fatalities
  • Illegal Drug/Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Tear Gas Cleanup
  • Pandemic and infectious disease outbreaks
  • Unattended deaths
  • Bioterrorism
  • Temporary protection and board-up
  • 24-hour / 7-days a week emergency services
  • Bioterrorism
  • Unsanitary dwellings
  • Mass casualty situations

Our Franchises* Work With:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Hotels
  • Emergency Responders
  • Medical Examiners
  • Schools and Academic Institutions
  • Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Front-line Journalists
  • Corporate Offices
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Residential Cleaners
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Airports, Train Stations, and Other Transportation Terminals
  • Public Venue (Convention Center, Stadium, Theater, Church, etc.)

How crime scene activity influences your insurance policy

Insurance policies have many unpredictabilities; At the same time, crime scene or biohazard restoration is often covered, it is very crucial that you talk to your insurance broker to determine your specific coverage.

Injuries or deaths due to accidents

Anything can happen on land, which includes an accidental injury or even a fatality that can cause plenty of issues. Having a company that can navigate everything from an insurance outlook as well as cleaning up is crucial. PuroClean will pay attention to all safety and health standards, making sure that the property and people around it are all safe.

Examining Blood-borne Pathogens

Just about every crime scene is going to produce blood if there is a human involved. When this happens, there is always the chance of blood-borne pathogens to cause trouble. In order to get things cleaned up, getting a professional team to do so in a safe manner is the greatest way to find a solution.

Our PuroClean techs will remove and throw away bodily fluids, tissue, and other lingering matter resulting from an accident, trauma, crime, or death according to governmental rules and with absolute sensitivity to privacy and confidentiality. You can feel comforted that our trained professionals will use EPA disinfectants and deodorize your property to bring it back to its previous look.

Illegal Drugs and Drug Labs

Chemicals used to produce illegal drugs such as “meth and fentanyl” are volatile and can leave traces of dangerous residue. Our techs pay attention to federal and state regulations to effectively clean all areas corrupted by chemicals with connections to illegal drugs.

Suicide Cleanup

There are so many issues to go along with an unexpected death when it occurs. For a property owner with the challenging responsibility of cleaning up after a death, It can seem very challenging. PuroClean is the solution that just makes sense. We can get everything done as quickly as possible, simplifying the process so that people can spend more time on pressing matters. We show care at all times during this challenging stretch.

Cleaning up a Traffic Collision

Traffic accidents can cause anyone quite a bit of shock. When injury or death occurs, restoration is necessary to take care of any biohazards that might last. PuroClean can take care of everything at the site.

Cleaning Up Vandalism

PuroClean’s certified techs will help bring back peace of mind during crime scene remediation following vandalism or any other property damage event. Trained PuroClean professionals will detail, and deodorize your property and bring it back to its pre-event look after a crime scene investigation.

Workplace Accident Cleanup

An incident at the workplace can create a frenzy. Cleanup is easily taken care of by PuroClean, making the work area back to normal quickly. This reduces downtime and makes sure that productivity does not take a huge hit.

Full Restoration

After an incident or a crime, you want to ensure your property is fully cleaned and free from biohazards such as blood, hazardous chemicals, and bodily fluids. You do not have to face the burden of dealing with this situation alone. Contact your nearby PuroClean at (720) 773-3400 to help set up your recovery and the recovery of your property.

The PuroClean RapidDefense™ Program

PuroClean’s RapidDefense™ is the greatest way to clean, which includes the application of EPA-approved high-level disinfectants. The process uses Environmental Protection Agency-registered products to provide protection against pathogens. Reach out to us at (720) 773-3400 TODAY. We will help bring back your property to its old look.

Contact PuroClean of Denver, Boulder and Longmont, CO

The caliber of our remediation solutions, the speed in which we deliver them, and the care we provide throughout the steps make PuroClean your ideal restoration company. Our trained techs will communicate with all vested property owners, family members, and insurance providers every step of the way to make sure that your property is cared for with the utmost respect.

*Not all PuroClean locations offer the same assistance. To make sure that the local office can help with a crime scene or trauma cleanup, call 1-800-775-7876. They will point every person in the right direction to accomplish everything.


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