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As your neighbors – located in in the heart of  the Bradenton & Sarasota Florida area – we are the local experts who help residents and businesses throughout Bradenton & Sarasota Florida get back to normal after suffering property damage.
Our services include water damage restoration, fire & smoke mitigation, mold remediation, biohazard & virus sanitations, and reconstruction, among others. The passion for what we do and the quality of our services has earned us a trusted reputation in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida and beyond. Ongoing communication is a top priority to us, because we want everyone involved to understand what is happening, what to expect, and what needs to be done in order to overcome the loss.

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Water damage restoration in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida

We at PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida , helping families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mold and other conditions that cause property damage. Our “Certified Priority Response” program is designed to help you reduce insurance claim costs and increase satisfaction through strict certification standards, clear protocols, and mutually agreed-upon scope pre-approvals. We are available 24/7, responding quickly, efficiently and compassionately, every time!

Fire damage restoration in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida

After a fire is extinguished, timing is critical. Many people don’t realize, but the damage continues to grow long after the fire has been put out, unless we act quickly to stop it. Fire and smoke damage repairs must begin as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to call! PuroClean answers your call and immediately moves into action 24/7, weekdays, weekends and holidays too. The damage won’t stop unless properly handled, so we’ll begin the remediation process with urgency.

A fire loss in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida or anywhere, for the matter, is more than property damage. We recognize the trauma and emotional upset that people suffer due to fire and smoke damage. You may feel like you whole life is up in smoke! Our technicians and staff treat everyone and everything – both people and their belongings – with compassion and respect. Fire damage restoration is not just about restoring properties, but also about people’s lives or livelihoods. 

Mold removal services in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida

Mold is a serious health hazard that typically happens after undetected water damage, or water damage that wasn’t properly mitigated. PuroClean offers mold removal services to completely remove the mold as well as fix its source if it is water damage-related. As part of our process, we’ll clean and sanitize your property, including  removing the mold odor, to restore your home or business to its original condition. Removal of mold can be a serious endeavor, requiring special licensing or certifications, and you can rest assured we at [business_name] have the expertise and technology to get the job done right.

At PuroClean of Bradenton LLC we are licensed, insured, and certified to remediate biohazard environments safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and standards. We understand that some events may be sensitive and must be handled with compassion and discretion. We promise to treat everyone with compassion and respect, whether the loss is in a home, commercial property or business.


What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that lives almost everywhere there is moisture, oxygen, and organic matter. Mold plays an important role in nature as it helps decompose organic material. [...]

Why should I consider using PuroClean for reconstruction?

The Professionals at PuroClean are the best option for reconstruction services because we understand the scope of the work to be done after water, fire, mold or biohazard emergency services [...]

Can you salvage a flooded house?

There are many variables that determine whether a flooded home can be saved: the amount of water is one, even more important is the amount of time the water was [...]

How do you prepare for claims adjuster water-damage home visit?

Contact your insurance agent and/or adjuster and they will tell you everything you need to have ready to ensure the claims process is smooth. [...]

Is it okay for me to open the doors and windows?

Please do not open doors or windows. The equipment selected for every job and the process are based on having a “closed drying system.” Opening doors or windows will upset [...]

If your home or business suffers property damage in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida , call PuroClean of Bradenton LLC!

PuroClean’s damage restoration team in Bradenton & Sarasota Florida

Picture of Julia Jones - Founder of PuroClean of Bradenton

Julia K Jones - Owner/President

We are your neighbors, residents of your local community. We are here to serve you when a disaster happens. We are experienced, licensed certified, and most of all, we truly care about and you and we want to bring your property back to how it was before the disaster happened. Give us a call, learn more about us, and ask us how we can help you.

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We have been honored to receive the following awards and certifications:

IICRC certificate water damage restoration by PuroClean Bradenton, FL

IICRC - Water Damage and Drying Certified

IIRC Certified

IICRC Certified

EPA lead safe water mitigation company

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

NORMI certification for mold removal services by PuroClean Bradenton, FL

Certified Mold Assessor and Indoor Air Quality - from NORMI

NORMI certification as mold remediator by PuroClean Bradenton, FL

Certified Mold Remediator from Normi

NORMI certificate mold removal and remediation services by PuroClean Bradenton, FL

Certified Mold Remediator from Normi

NORMI certificate mold removal services by PuroClean Bradenton, FL

Certified Mold Assessor and Indoor Air Quality

certification property restoration

EPA - Lead Certified Renovate, Repair & Paint