Mike N.

Bradenton, FL

Julia Jones & Brenden Williams of PuroClean are top-notch resources for mold mitigation and restoration! In addition to the professionalism they demonstrate, they are authentically kind and caring people -- experts in their field. My friend had water intrusion from an upstairs tenant that occurred while she was away for the holidays. By the time she returned, mold growth was obvious in the master bedroom, bathroom, hallway, closets, and air handling unit enclosure. She feared her sentimental belongings of lost relatives were unrecoverable. After an exhausting 2 months of back and forth with property management, lawyers, mold inspectors, code officials, and a separate mold remediator who exercised profound negligence allowing the mold to grow further and damages to increase, we found PuroClean and a light at the end of the tunnel. Brenden promptly surveyed the space and outlined the process, logistics, and costs. Above all else, Julia, Brenden, and the PuroClean family provided clarity and closure to a dark and frustrating situation. Their professionalism and understanding of the process required for cleaning made it easy for all stakeholders including our landlord to green light the mold restoration. Cleaning was completed within the week, and when our property manager was unable to have movers ready to take the cleaned and boxed items over to the new apartment, Brenden's team stepped up and late on a Friday afternoon made sure we were taken care of and helped deliver everything to the new apartment. I highly recommend PuroClean as a trusted resource to anyone in need of mold mitigation, cleanup, and restoration services!