Nicole Gutierrez


"PuroClean was recommended by my realtor after the mold remediation company I previously hired refused to finish the job. I had a leak behind my fridge in the kitchen and the whole area, including the living room and the rest of my house, had been damaged and was left in a very poor condition. Brenden was very responsive and eager to assist after I explained to him my terrible situation. He confirmed that the other company had overcharged my insurance for work that they did not do. He was so professional and very easy to talk to. He inspected my house and explained what needed to be done: a completely new mold remediation work! He made sure I hire another company to retest the mold and after they confirmed that mold was still present he and this team took care of the whole work, and very efficiently. When I visited my house it finally looked clean and smelled good. We were in contact almost every day and he made sure I received enough pictures. I felt in very good hands with Brenden and the PuroClean team, especially after what I had been through with the previous company. I highly recommend him and PuroClean. An honest, caring and very professional company!"