A sewage backup of a Broadway home.

A Foul Setback: Remediating Sewage Backup in Broadway-Slavic Village Home

Water Restoration

Sewage backup should be treated as a serious issue that demands immediate attention. This type of problem involves the unwanted and unintended discharge or flooding of sewage or wastewater from pipes or drains into living or occupied areas, such as homes, businesses, or public spaces. There are multiple causes of sewage backup, including blockages, pipe damage, heavy rainfall, or system failure.

It poses health risks as it may contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Proper cleanup and disinfection are necessary to mitigate health hazards and prevent further damage to property and the environment. At PuroClean of the Chagrin Valley, we provide professional water damage restoration and sewage cleanup services to protect your health, property, and the environment.

What’s That Smell?

In late February 2023, we were contacted by prospective clients who sought our services. They were a retired couple residing in a single-family home in the Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood southeast of Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately, they had woken up to discover sewage backup in their basement, leading to significant damage to their home.

Before we arrived, the couple was visibly stressed and struggling to handle the issue independently. However, we soothed nerves when our experienced team came and quickly developed a remediation plan.

A sewage backup of a Broadway home.
The basement’s sewer experienced unexpected backup.

With our game plan in place, we began the pack-out process. A pack-out is when we safely remove your possessions from the affected area and place them in an offsite location for cleaning and temporary storage. We created a photographic journal and electronic list of all contents, ensuring the couple had complete documentation for their insurance claim to make the claim process more manageable.

Then, our certified technicians went to work on drying, cleaning, and disinfecting the floor, base of walls, stairs, and entryway to eliminate any traces of sewage backup. Throughout this stage, we used state-of-the-art equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers.

The state-of-the-art equipment we used to clean the sewage backup.
The basement was cleaned and sanitized when we were done.

After a week’s hard work, the remediation was completed during the first week of March 2023, and the couple’s home was sewage-free. They were extremely pleased with our team’s swift response, high-level skillset, and professionalism. Way to go, team!

Contact PuroClean of the Chagrin Valley For Your Sewage Backup Needs

Dealing with a sewage backup is never ideal, but it’s important to remember that professional help is available. If you experience property damage and need assistance, you can trust the experienced professionals at PuroClean of the Chagrin Valley. Our team is skilled in handling commercial and residential property damage, including biohazards. With our expertise and years of experience, we will work diligently to restore your property to your satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (216) 354-0444 or visit our services page for more information.

Last edited on 12th of April 2023