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Biohazard Clean Up Published July 1, 2019Last Updated July 9, 2019

Biohazard Cleanup – What Can I Expect?

When some sort of trauma or accident has occurred at your home or business, likely the last thing on your mind is the cleanup process. Whether from a death, a chemical spill, or a hoarding situation, a biohazard cleanup crew can protect the health and safety of you and those around you, and provide the first step toward healing and normalcy.

biohazard - biohazard symbolWhat Qualifies as Biohazard?

Any time human health and safety is put at risk by contamination, cleanup crews that are specially trained to address biohazardous materials are mandated by law. Biohazard crews are normally called upon for the following conditions:

  • Blood and bodily fluid remediation
  • Virus decontamination and protection
  • Homicide or suicide cleanup
  • Unattended death
  • Sewage cleanup and sanitation
  • Decaying organisms
  • Deodorization and odor control
  • Toxic chemical spills
  • Crime-scene cleanup
  • Hoarding cleanup

When a homicide or suicide occurs, that area is considered a crime scene and is, by law, required to have a biohazard cleanup crew address the site.

Can I Clean Up a Biohazard Site Myself?

Biohazardous substances, whether from the human body or dangerous chemicals, can cause contamination and lead to serious illness or life-threatening health conditions for anyone exposed. Although some elements, like blood, in and of themselves aren’t dangerous, they could contain infectious microorganisms or pathogens that cause diseases. Bloodborne pathogens can survive up to 16 days after a person’s death, so immediate biohazard cleanup is essential to minimize exposure risks to other people.

Biological fluids also deteriorate quickly, leaving strong odors that make surrounding areas uninhabitable. The longer an odor lingers, the higher the risk of contamination, so it’s essential to begin proper cleaning as soon as possible. If the site isn’t addressed quickly, more drastic measures will be required to restore it to safety.

Biohazard cleanup crews are equipped with special insulated gear and employ particular processes and methods that protect them from exposure to possible contaminants. Because of the risks, nobody should ever attempt to clean up a crime scene or trauma site without a biohazard cleanup crew.

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What Can I Expect During the Biohazard Cleanup Process?

If the reason for a biohazard cleanup crew involves trauma or a crime, the first step is calling 911 for help. The biohazard cleanup crew can immediately begin once the police have completed their investigation.

biohazard - puroclean team in hazmat suits working on siteThe crew will suit up in protective gear and carefully remove all potentially infectious materials from the site. Hazardous medical waste is handled in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, appropriately processed, and sent to a licensed hazardous medical waste incinerator. Porous materials such as fabric and carpeting are removed in accordance with industry standards and government regulations. All other affected materials that are not considered dangerous are either removed or professionally decontaminated and sanitized, depending on the situation. Remaining materials such as drywall and flooring may be restored and sealed, usually for cosmetic reasons to cover any stains from the incident.

Will My Insurance Cover Biohazard Cleaning Services?

In most cases, insurance does cover biohazard cleaning services for a crime scene or trauma site. But, since there are limitations and restrictions that apply to particular circumstances, it’s best to check with your provider about your individual policy.

How Do I Know if a Cleaning Company is Equipped to Handle Biohazards?

Because of the specialized training, gear, and materials required, the average cleaning company is not properly equipped to safely handle a biohazard call. Our materials are both safe (approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and effective. Our custom formula, PuroClean RapidDefense,™ is the best way to sanitize areas where health and safety are at stake, including threats from the norovirus and influenza. We’re licensed, insured and certified to provide biohazard cleanup in accordance with all applicable OSHA and federal regulations.

Beyond our methods and materials, our staff understands the difficulty and grief that often surrounds many of these calls. We’re prepared to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with empathy, respect, compassion, and discretion. We know it’s about more than just home restoration – it’s your peace of mind.

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