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Property Damage Restoration Is About More Than Your Home

Mike and his team understand that property damage is a stressful disruption to your daily life, whether it’s damage from fire, water, mold, or a biohazard. Repairing this damage is about more than fixing your property — it’s about getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Council Bluffs-area customers can expect a predictable, systematic recovery process starting the minute you call us at (712)-435-3434 or email us at mwalters@puroclean.com. We respond to calls immediately and are usually on-site within an hour or two. You’re always in the know with PuroClean: our team members will answer your questions and keep you up to date on progress throughout the repair process.

Mike and his team are committed to helping you get your home and your life quickly back on track.

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.


Why is my property monitored so often?

Daily monitoring is one important aspect of the process. Industry Best Practices require this monitoring to insure that the drying

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What causes water damage?

Water damage can occur after natural disasters, such as thunderstorms or hurricanes that cause flooding, from pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions,

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Does homeowner's insurance cover water damage from the roof?

[VIDEO] Every insurance policy is different. You should contact your broker/agent or your insurance company to determine the amount of

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How do you avoid water damage in your home?

[VIDEO] You can avoid water damage by cleaning gutters and downspouts, checking your appliances regularly, upgrading washing machine hoses, checking

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How can you prevent water damage in shower walls?

The bathroom is a prime area for water damage, since almost everything you do in there involve water use. To

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