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February 6, 2020

Mold Talk with Robin

In today’s Tip for Today, Robin is covering some of the most asked questions we get from customers concerned about mold in their homes and basements. Certainly worth a listen!

Common mold problems

Troubles with basement and other mold are the number one question we get from our customers on a daily basis. We constantly get calls from people who’s homes suffer from basement mold, attic mold, and bathroom mold. Sometimes these problems have home remedies, but more often than not, they require our interference.

The three factors

There are three major reasons for mold- all but one are beyond our control.

1. Temperature

Mold likes warm temperatures. If your room temperature falls between 68 and 86, you got yourself the perfect environment for mold growth

2. Porous materials

Most homes have them. There is no way around them. Our homes are primarily made from wood, so elements such as doors, door frames, framing etc are extremely prone to mold growth. Another perfect porous material is sheet rock- it especially attracts mold in finished basements.


This is the one factor that we CAN control. Think of a basement in the middle of a hot and humid summer- add sheetrock to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect mold storm. You might think to yourself “what can i do to prevent mold in my basement”? The answer is simple: invest in a good dehumidifier. A good quality automatic dehumidifier will turn on by itself when the moisture levels are increasing above a normal level, and turn off once the humidity levels are stabilized.

What about my bathroom?

While bathrooms are mostly constructed from non-porous surfaces, they are still a popular place for mold growth. Think about all those hot, steamy showers you take- that’s why is it so important to run your bathroom vent. The best way to prevent bathroom mold is to run your vent WHILE you are showering, and leave it on for about 10 minutes after you’ve finished. To see some tips on the maintenance of your bathroom vent, click on our past video here.

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