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In The CommunityPublished January 27, 2015Last Updated July 2, 2018

Bats in the Attic? Here’s What to Do

Bat infestation is a problem in many homes and buildings. However, due to their importance to the ecosystem, bat colonies are protected by law in most states. While you should never try to exterminate bats in your attic, you can safely eliminate them following these guidelines:

  • The bats living in your attic are mostly females looking for a safe place to give birth (April to June, depending on species). Start the removal plan only after the pups can fly in late August.
  • Detect the small areas that allow bats to enter and exit your attic. Bats are nocturnal creatures and can be seen flying out at dusk and flying in at dawn.
  • Seal off all possible bat entry areas, with the exception of the primary entry/exit point. Be thorough, as the gaps and holes are usually small and difficult to spot (1/2 to 1 inch long).
  • Begin the removal process by installing a one-way exclusion device, such as a net, funnel or cone on the primary entry/exit point. Wait for ALL the bats to exit your attic.
  • Cover up the remaining entry/exit point. Bats cannot chew their way in, so you can use materials such as polyurethane foam, caulk, plastic or metal screening.
  • Clean up the bat droppings and urine. Their waste can cause health problems, create mold, leave odors and rot the wood in the attic.

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