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Puroclean of Davie Completes 27 Jobs in Under 3 Weeks

The unprecedented winter storms in February of 2021 left the state of Texas reeling from elements they rarely have to deal with. Coming from Florida where we are prone to our own natural disasters, we at PuroClean of Davie knew that we needed to join the national response and help out with the recovery. So, on February 20th, we packed 3 full trucks with 3 crews and made our way to Dallas.

Going Where We Are Needed Most

When we embarked on this cross-country journey, we made a goal for ourselves. We wanted to help as many people with restorations as we could. Although the damage was far from home, we know from our own local experience with hurricanes and severe weather that communities need all kinds of support after disasters. Our expertise could help many people have an easier recovery.

The nature of the storms that hit the area meant homes and businesses were blanketed in snow and ice for long periods of time. Very cold weather leads to water freezing and expanding in pipes. This is problematic because it often leads to pipes bursting, and causing water damage. Furthermore, melting snow presents its own set of issues. When the snow melts, water can seep into cracks and crevices, which affects the interiors of structures.

We handled a variety of different water damage restorations during our time there. In total, our hard-working crew completed 27 jobs in less than 3 weeks. We met many good people along the way and appreciated being able to listen and be a part of their story. Although the circumstances that brought us there were terrible, we are grateful for the opportunity to help a community with its recovery in its time of need.

Call PuroClean of Davie for Water Restoration Services

Our crew has returned from Texas and is ready to help South Florida residents with property damage restorations. If your home or business is stricken with water damage, call PuroClean of Davie at (954) 233-1100 for professional mitigation services.

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