Backed-Up Toilet Creates Flood of Problems

Mold Restoration

Home emergencies don’t always start as big problems. Oftentimes, they begin with something small like a leak that grows into something bigger with water damage and mold. Recognizing that something is wrong and promptly addressing the situation can help alleviate the damage (and the cost). One of our clients recently realized how a small complication can become a big issue.

Backed-Up Toilet Leads to Water Damage and Mold

While a retired homeowner was distracted recovering from eye surgery, a clogged toilet resulted in excess water in her basement. After discovering the problem, she called her insurance agent who promptly recommended PuroClean. By the time we were called to the home, the water had been sitting for so long, it had caused mold to grow throughout the entire house.

Our crew was in for a mighty job, but they were ready to take on the task and get the home back to its original condition. We first had to remove the water and dry the affected areas. From there, we had to tackle the mold, which required extensive remediation. Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technicians carefully followed industry standards to properly remediate the mold. The final step was to completely replace the flooring.

It took approximately three weeks to complete the job. Between the eye surgery and the home emergency, the homeowner was in quite a stressful situation. Our crew was able to put her mind at ease through constant communication and updates on our progress. In the end, she was extremely satisfied with our empathy and quality of work.

Call PuroClean of Dayton for Your Water and Mold Needs!

Water damage and mold can cause severe and costly home repairs, especially when not treated right away. Whether you’re experiencing a backed-up toilet or other problem, don’t hesitate to call PuroClean of Dayton, KY at (859) 982-9900.

Last edited on 14th of September 2021