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Burst Pipes Douse Home Causing Water Damage When Homeowner is Away

Water Restoration

During the winter months, one very common type of property damage becomes even more frequent: frozen pipes. We recently got a call from an insurance agent letting us know that their customer had traveled out of town and came home to find burst pipes, and they referred us to help mitigate the damage. We immediately agreed to schedule the assessment and assured them we would take good care of their client. A referral is the best compliment we could ever receive!

Restoring the Home from Damage from Burst Pipes

When water freezes, it expands in volume. So, when water within a pipe freezes, it can expand and ultimately cause the pipes to crack or burst. Then, when the frozen water eventually thaws, the flowing water will exit the opening, resulting in water damage to the property and possibly the structure. When a burst pipe or pipe leak occurs, you might notice water pressure issues, wall stains, a higher water bill, or water noises that are difficult to pinpoint.

The clients’ property was a duplex home in Bellevue, KY. The burst pipe sent water throughout the house. Our goal was to dry out the standing water and salvage any affected items that we could. We had to remove plaster and drywall in the kitchen, hallway, and stairway in order to access the source of the water.

Finally, we set our air-movers around the kitchen and the other affected areas. These pieces of equipment rest on the floors and remove moisture from the air, which helps prevent future moisture and mold issues. After three days of work, we completed the remediation. The homeowner returned to their home and couldn’t even tell that there was any damage at all.

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Water damage can come from many sources, such as heavy rains or burst pipes. Whatever the cause, small or large, PuroClean of Northern Kentucky is prepared to respond quickly and remove standing water and moisture from your Northern Kentucky property. Call us at (859) 982-9900.

Last edited on 10th of February 2022