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Restoring a Retired Couple’s Home from Sewage Backup

Biohazard Clean Up

An insurance agency recently contacted PuroClean of Northern Kentucky to assist a retired couple who returned home from out of town only to discover sewage backup had leaked into their finished basement. We came to their home as soon as possible to assess the damage. Here’s how we provided sewage backup cleanup for the couple.

Why Is Sewage Backup Cleaning Dangerous?

A sewage backup is a serious environmental hazard that can cause extensive damage to your property. It occurs when sewage, a combination of water and waste from toilets, sinks, and other fixtures, overflows from your plumbing system.

Sewage backup restoration is complex because of the contaminants that are often present. These include raw sewage, animal waste, and chemicals from industrial plants. For these reasons, homeowners should not attempt to clean up the sewage themselves. Sewage backup restoration is a hazardous task that only professionals should handle.

The water can also cause severe damage to floors, walls, and furniture. A professional emergency restoration company can clean up the mess safely and efficiently to avoid further structural damage.

Providing Sewage Backup Cleanup for the Retired Couple

Our restoration team quickly assessed the extent of the damage once they arrived. Because the sewage had spread everywhere, we had to remove the carpeting and the hardwood floors. A significant amount of contents were also contaminated by the sewage water.

Our crew was able to mitigate the entire job in two days. The customers were so pleased with our work that they gave our technicians a $20 tip. Sewage backup cleanup is a challenging but essential job, and we’re glad we could help the couple restore their home.

For Sewage Backup Cleanup in Northern Kentucky, Call PuroClean Today!

Sewage backup can cause severe damage to your property and personal belongings. If you experience this problem, do not hesitate to call a professional restoration cleanup like PuroClean of Northern Kentucky. We deal with biohazard situations like sewage backup cleaning professionally and promptly for your peace of mind. Please call us at (859) 982-9900 to schedule an appointment.

Last edited on 14th of June 2022