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Mold Restoration

A combative insurance company that tries whatever they can to not pay can create even more stress in an already stressful environment. Most of our clients are in situations they’ve never experienced, and they don’t always understand all of the details involved in the restoration process. When a disaster happens, we often are the ones who have to step up and advocate for our clients. At PuroClean, our customers are our top priority, and we will always fight for them.

Insurance Creates a Moldy Situation Until PuroClean Steps Up to Save the Day

Just recently, we completed an almost two-month-long project for a retired veteran and his wife. Initially, the insurance company referred us to deal with potential mold. During the initial visit, we were able to find a crack in a pipe in a crawlspace that caused a leak, which led to the mold. The homeowner informed us that he had purchased third-party warranty insurance that would cover the pipes. We discussed with the homeowner the steps he would need to take to file and get approved for his claims before we would begin the repairs. 

In a matter of weeks, the warranty company approved the homeowner for the cracked pipes, and we could replace them. The next step for our client was to file a claim with his homeowner’s insurance with the hopes they would cover everything else. The adjuster initially denied his claim saying that the mold was pre-existing, and this is when our team really stepped up and put in the extra work for our client. 

We reached out to the insurance company to explain that additional moisture was the cause of the mold, which elevated the humidity level, resulting in mold growth occurring. With that, the vapor barrier would need to be removed and replaced before we could mitigate the mold. After explaining this information and providing photos of the mold and cracked pipe and the plumber’s invoice to the adjuster, they finally approved the claim; the only thing the customer was responsible for was the deductible. 

Although this job took time and some back and forth with the insurance company, our relentless customer service left us with another thrilled customer. The homeowner was so impressed with his experience that he hired us to replace his flooring at his own out-of-pocket expense. This is just another example of how our commitment to our customers earns their respect and can sometimes open new doors in the process. 

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Last edited on 5th of August 2021