Water Damage in a Kitchen in Lakewood Colorado

Very Good at Explaining Everything

Lakewood, CO

My insurance agent recommended I call PuroClean for some help with a kitchen and basement full of water. I was frustrated the first two days, because all I could see was the immediate need to start removing water. Tomas needed to know the source of the water, which necessitated a wait for the plumber to diagnose and fix the water leak first. Then, Tomas needed to make sure that the ceiling material in the basement and the flooring material was not asbestos. Then there were also papers to read and sign. After these things were out of the way, everything seemed to move along smoothly. Looking back, I think Tomas did a remarkably good job. Tomas, arrives to a disaster in a home, where peoples belongings are under water and emotions are running high. While Tomas is very good at explaining everything that is happening and what could possibly happen, it can be a bit overwhelming for the homeowner and tenant at the time. But ultimately, I suppose it is better to know the many possibilities that might need to be confronted, and dealt with. I found that I was kept informed daily about what was going on, the humidity levels, the moisture levels and when Tomas and crew would be at the house working. He was very competent about drying out a house, knowing where water hides behind walls, cabinets, paneling – and how to draw the water out of those places. He was very reassuring that mold would not be growing in the house. I am having a hard time with the star rating. When your house is physically torn apart (which has to happen before it can be put back together again) it doesn’t feel like five stars. Reflecting back on the job Tomas has to do; I believe he did exactly what needed to be done, in the most efficient manner possible. Sherrye

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