According to the World Health Organization, transmission appears to be limited; however, it is possible that older adults and persons who have underlying chronic medical conditions may be at risk for more severe outcomes.  The “incubation period” means the time between catching the virus and beginning to have symptoms of the disease — most estimates of the incubation period for COVID-19 range from 2-14 days, most commonly around five days. During this incubation period, the virus is contagious. Coronaviruses tend not to survive outside of the body for more than 24 hours and can easily be destroyed by detergents and cleaning agents.  Following recuperation from COVID-19, patients should remain in isolation until they have been released by their doctor or other medical professional.  The CDC recommends recovered patients should be released on a case-by-case when:

  • The patient is free from fever without the use of fever-reducing medications
  • The patient is no longer showing symptoms, including cough
  • The patient has tested negative on at least two consecutive respiratory specimens collected at least 24 hours apart

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rise and health and government officials notify the public to take necessary measures to protect themselves, one of the best ways to slow its progress is by performing deep mitigation cleaning of all touch-point surfaces, along with the use of an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant.  These methods of cleaning can be utilized for institutions, commercial, and residential properties. Our Coronavirus cleaning services will help reduce contamination related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Call your local PuroClean office for more information on how we can help clean your property.

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces are the recommended actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, like Coronavirus. Since any surface can be re-contaminated after cleaning, and because the Coronavirus is also spread person-to-person, PuroClean’s services are not guaranteed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information regarding Coronavirus, its spread, and prevention.