PuroClean Disaster First Response

24/7 Emergency Response (910)778-7591

A Systematic Property Damage Restoration Approach.

We make most of a difference by being courteous and sympathetic to our clients’ disaster. Our job process begins by assessing the situation, communicating with both the home owner and insurance company, explaining what processes will be implemented, giving a time reference, and finally completing the job. We outshine our competitors by being fair and truthful.

Our goal is to contain the damage to the “wounded” property and facilitate the healing process. Fayetteville team has the highest levels of certification in the nation. We will put your property restoration expertise to work after floods, fires, mold and related problems so you can get back to normal sooner, with less stress, disruption and financial hardship.

Property Damage Restoration is More than a Technical Problem

PuroClean Disaster First Response is a 24 hour, 7 day a week company providing water mitigation, mold remediation, smoke cleaning, biohazard, meth lab cleanup, and dryer vent cleaning. No matter the size of the job, PuroClean is ready and equipped to handle it, including a large, former federal building that doubled as a bomb shelter during the 1960’s. They had a basement of approximately two feet of raw sewage in 2800 square feet. “With asbestos flooring, lead paint, and mold everywhere, the only thing missing was Jimmy Hoffa,” Davis said.

The whole North Carolina-based PuroClean team understands that water, fire, mold and property damage presents an unexpected and stressful disruption to our daily lives. Our role is beyond just repairing the property – it’s also repairing lives.

Fayetteville customers appreciate a predictable, systematic recovery process, with our team promptly answering questions and giving consistent updates on progress towards normalcy. Customers just call us at (910)778-7591 or email us at adavis@puroclean.com and we usually respond within an hour or two.

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.


What causes water damage?

Water damage can occur after natural disasters, such as thunderstorms or hurricanes that cause flooding, from pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions,

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Do you clean water damaged furniture?

It depends on the material and how long it was wet. We can asses this for you during a visit.

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Can I turn the equipment off at night to save money or to reduce noise?

It is important that you NOT turn the equipment off. The drying process is most effective and most efficient when

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How do certified technicians typically handle water damage?

The first thing professionals do is remove damaged materials that will either be restored or discarded. Materials include baseboards, insulation,

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What happens and what are the effects when water floods my home or business?

Water from outside the structure is contaminated and should be handled be professionals such as PuroClean. Even if the water

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