What Is The Extent Of Your Water Damage Restoration Insurance?


What Is The Extent Of Your Water Damage Restoration Insurance?

You have done your part. You have a regular home maintenance schedule. You’ve been checking here and there to make sure that your home is ready for every season. You think you’ve done enough but still you’re now facing water damage restoration tasks because the recent flood has ravaged your most precious furniture, documents, and worse, another task is waiting for you: cleaning the mold buildup in your basement.

Natural disasters and man made oversight such as burst pipe, leaking faucet, cracked swimming pool walls that eventually led to basement flooding, sloppy roof restoration, all these can cause water damage. And then you remembered that you have a home insurance. Can you claim for water damage restoration?

There are instances that water damage restoration is covered by your home policy. If your pipes freeze and burst one cold winter night and it resulted in flooded living room or bedroom, you are covered by your insurance and can claim for water damage restoration. But if you left your house unoccupied and without heating system, you’re not.

How about leaking swimming pool that eventually flooded your basement? Can you get water damage restoration coverage for that too? Yes you may be covered. It all depends on the cause of the leak. Asking your agent for more information or specifics can help you identify if you’re covered or better yet read your policy thoroughly so you can file claims promptly.

To have special coverage that involves other instances of water damage restoration, think of worst scenarios that you can possibly imagine and inquire if it can be covered by your policy. You may pay an additional premium but at least you can expect financial aid if those unfortunate incidents actually happen.

Having an insurance policy to cover your water damage restoration is just a back up option. When you need to deal with water damage, you need to be prepared with some basic techniques and knowledge to minimize its effects.

Comprehensive home maintenance is still key in preventing all these incidents from happening. If you have a basement, you don’t stop by waterproofing its walls but also having the foundation of your house checked by experts. Structural damage can result from water damage. If left unnoticed or neglected, you are facing bigger problems not only emotionally and physically but also financially.

When your valuable documents have been affected by water damage, it’s best for you to hire professional help to restore it. There are many techniques involved in water damage restoration and learning about it from the experts may prove beneficial because you may even aggravate the problem if you try to do it yourself.


Last edited on 29th of January 2019