5 Common Sources of Disasters in Your Home

Fire Restoration

Disasters can strike a home in many ways, whether from floods, fires, storms or other catastrophic natural events, or from sources within the home, with the most common being: pipe bursts, sewage backflows, washing machine overflows, kitchen fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here is some information on how to deal with and prevent the disasters lurking from inside your home:

1. Pipe Bursts

2. Sewage Backflows

3. Washing Machine Overflows

4. Kitchen Fires

5. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

These are just some of the disasters that can occur in your home. As with any disaster, you can prevent one by being prepared and informed. PuroClean is ready to come to your home’s rescue in case of a disaster involving fire, mold and water damage.

Last edited on 2nd of July 2018

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