5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

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An important aspect of your winter preparation is making sure that your roof is in good condition before the cold season begins. Keep your roof clean and well-maintained to prolong its life and prevent potential water damage, mold growth and other problems. Here’s what you can do to prepare your roof for winter:

1. Clear off debris from the roof. Any twigs, leaves, dirt or pine needles on your roof can damage the roof’s shingles or membrane, allowing water to infiltrate your house. Additionally, debris can cause mold or fungus to grow on the roof, which causes further deterioration.

2. Check for roof damage. Any type of roof deterioration can lead to expensive water and mold damage. Check your roof for missing or cracked shingles, as well as for damaged flashing around the chimneys, skylights or vent stacks. The roof edge is also an important part of your roof — check it for damage and weaknesses from both the ground and the roof.

3. Clean the gutters and downspouts. Debris that’s trapped in the gutters and downspouts can prevent water from freely passing. If the gutters and downspouts are clogged, excess water may cause damage to your roof, siding and landscaping. Make sure there are no loose or saggy gutters as well.

4. Trim tree branches. Before it starts to snow, make sure to trim any branches that are hanging over your roof. This task is necessary to prevent loose branches that are weighed down by snow to fall on your roof, causing damage.

5. Check the attic insulation. If the insulation in your attic is wet or damaged, it may lead to mold growth and increased heating costs in the winter. Moreover, having proper insulation in the attic prevents the formation of ice dams on your roof. Be sure to first repair the damaged roof area that causes water to leak inside the attic before replacing the insulation.

In addition to these winter home maintenance tips, consider hiring a contractor to check if your roof is in the right condition to sustain the weight of heavy snowfall.

Check out more roof maintenance tips here. When snow accumulates on your roof, you’ll probably need to remove it. Find tips to safely remove snow from roofs here.

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Last edited on 2nd of July 2018

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