How to Handle Sewage Backup in a Basement

Water Restoration

Aside from spending time and money to fix a sewage backup problem, sewage flooding also presents serious health hazards. Sewage contains contaminants like bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses, which makes dealing with the flooding yourself a health risk.

Not only is a DIY job dangerous, but moisture may hide behind walls and further problems like mold growth can follow. Calling a professional restoration company is your best way to deal with a sewage flood in your basement. However, here’s what you can do to mitigate the damage in your basement before the restoration team arrives:

  • Evacuate the flooded area. Sewage contaminants are hazardous to pets as well.
  • Turn off electrical power in the flooded area. Electrical wires or appliances might come in contact with standing water or wet materials.
  • If the main circuit breaker is in the basement, be careful. If you can’t safely turn off the power, don’t go near electrical devices.
  • Wear protective clothing like a facemask, eyeglasses, gloves, and rubber boots before walking through sewage water.
  • Shut off the valve for the main water line of your home. Check out how to shut off utilities during a disaster.
  • Notify your insurance company about the sewage backup. Remember that sewer backups are not covered by standard homeowners insurance, unless you’ve purchased extra endorsements for sewers and drains. Learn more about homeowners insurance and water damage.
  • Notify your municipal authority or sewer department if your home is connected to a public sewer.
  • Don’t use the water supply system in your home until the backup problem is fixed – don’t flush toilets or drain tubs and sinks.
  • Open windows or doors to let fresh air in and ventilate the area.
  • Add some chlorine bleach to the standing water to disinfect it a little.

Learn more about the top causes of basement flooding to help prevent these disasters in the future. Additionally, check out seven key tips to keep your basement dry and avoid mold growth and structural problems. Contact PuroClean Restoration Specialists for mold remediation services and water damage repair.

Last edited on 16th of October 2023