Recent Flooding Serves as Reminder on Importance of Fast Action

Water Restoration

If Superstorm Sandy was the restoration industry’s biggest storyline in 2012, there’s a good chance that the September Colorado flooding will be the storyline best associated with 2013. To recap, heavy rain began pounding Colorado’s front range on September 9, dropping up to 17 inches of water – which is roughly equivalent to the annual rainfall totals in that part of the state – within days. The floods took eight lives and damaged about 20,000 homes – completely destroying some 1,500 more.


The Colorado floods were devastating, but not to be forgotten are a few other major floods that occurred recently, notably the June flooding in Calgary and July flooding in Toronto. And as is the case with any type of flooding or water that enters the home – no matter if it’s a small or large amount – comes the constant reminder of how crucial fast action is.


Many don’t know, but mold can begin to grow in 24 to 48 hours from the time water enters the home. Also, getting to water-damage jobs quickly helps increase the chance that structural drying measures will be successful, eliminating excess demolition and reconstruction. And this all brings us to PuroClean’s QuickDry system, which quickly and effectively dries flooded and water-damaged structures.


There are lots of different methods and drying technologies out there today. PuroClean’s uses psychrometric science, a proven process that manages dehumidification and temperature to accelerate evaporation and drying while getting the job done in three days or fewer in most cases. The process uses high-capacity air movers to create a vortex of air and LGR dehumidifiers to draw in the wet, cold air and blow out warm, dry air. If the QuickDry system is initiated fast enough, just about everything can be saved, from the carpeting to the drywall.


But the key word, of course, is “fast.” It doesn’t matter what type of drying technology is used or what kind of a water loss you’re dealing with, fast action is key to a successful project. 

Last edited on 11th of June 2018

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