Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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The first warm days in the spring are ideal for having fun outdoors, but it is also the perfect time for inspecting and adjusting the exterior of our homes. Performing maintenance tasks in the spring is important for keeping our homes safe and comfortable throughout the year. Here’s a list of essential tasks that focus on your home’s exterior:

1. Check Gutters and Downspouts

2. Inspect Your Roof

3. Examine the Exterior Paint

4. Trim Shrubs and Trees

5. Improve Drainage Around Your Home’s Foundation

6. Check the concrete walkways and driveways in your yard. Fill any cracks with silicone caulk or concrete crack filler.

If you haven’t finished spring-cleaning yet, take a look at our spring-cleaning tips. A list of overlooked areas in your home that need cleaning can be found here. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 2nd of July 2018

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