Tips for Cleaning the Rust off Chrome Fixtures

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Chrome fixtures have been used in many homes since the early 1900s. Its classic sheen and glossy look compliments all sorts of home decor styles. Since chrome is such a prominent feature, keeping it free of rust is critical to a homeowner. Here are some easy tricks for how to clean rust off of chrome bathroom fixtures and how to keep it looking clean longer:

Rust Removal Method 1 – The Aluminum Foil Method

This method is incredibly popular on the internet for how simple and affordable it is. Aluminum is an element that reacts chemically with the rust, causing it to easily scrape off. And, aluminum is softer than most other metals so it is less likely to scratch a chrome surface. Simply rub the rusted surface with a sheet of aluminum foil dipped in saltwater and your chrome will be as good as new. But, don’t forget to wear gloves.

Rust Removal Method 2 – The Mild Acid Method

Chances are, you have at least one common form of a mild acid in your house. Sodas that contain phosphoric acid fit this mold. But, if you don’t drink that, lime juice and vinegar work just as well. These solutions are mild enough not to damage the chrome, but strong enough to remove the rust. Be sure to wash down the chrome first, and then let it soak in the acid for about 15 minutes. The rust should wipe right off after. Just be sure to wash off the residue when you are done.

Rust Removal Method 3 – The Chrome Polish Method

No gimmicks here. Chrome Polish is the most effective way to remove rust from chrome surfaces. However, it is also the most expensive method. Wash the surface first, then apply the polish with brass or steel wool. Be careful not to apply too much pressure at the risk of damaging the chrome. Next, rinse the polish off and look for any spots you may have missed. Once you are finished, wipe the surface to avoid water spots from forming.

Call PuroClean Professional Commercial and Residential Property Damage Remediation

Homeowners are able to find innovative ways to deal with rust on their chrome surfaces. However, not every mess is easy to clean up. For the disasters that are not so simple, like water damage, fire damage, and mold, call the professionals at PuroClean.

Last edited on 6th of November 2020

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