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Fayetteville, GA Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration and Mold Removal Services

Local, Reliable and Fast Property Damage Restoration Services serving the Georgia counties of Fayette, Coweta, South Fulton (Southern Metro Atlanta), Clayton, Spalding, Henry, Butts, Carroll, Meriwether and more...

Water Damage Restoration Cleanup in the Fayetteville, GA area When water or fire damage occurs in your Fayetteville-area home or business, call PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services to start your journey to full recovery. Owner David Skinner and the team know how challenging water damage, mold damage or fire damage can be to you and your family. It’s not the time to choose the wrong provider. PuroClean has a proven combination of training, state of the art equipment and efficient relationships with insurance and other partners in your area. Our recovery systems have been successfully used thousands of times across the nation, as well as in Georgia.

Restoration for the Fayetteville, GA area.Georgia-Based PuroClean Replace Stress with Sense of Calm in Disaster Mitigation

Our owners David and Erin Skinner run and operate our PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services, located in Fayetteville, Georgia. As the Paramedics of Property Damage, we take the pain and stress of a property emergency and replace it with hope and a sense of calm. When property damage occurs, PuroClean is driven to provide an unmatched service experience quickly, professionally, ethically, and compassionately, and our approach results in peace of mind for all concerned parties. 

If your home or business has been impacted by water, storms, sewage, fire, mold, or trauma, we are here to do “whatever it takes” to make it right again. We guarantee a prompt response and an exceptional level of customer service that is uncommon among our competitors, and we have the customer satisfaction endorsements to prove it! Throughout the Southern Metro Atlanta area, our name speaks for itself. 

We provide service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our average "on-site" time is 60 minutes with a guarantee of no longer than 2 hours and we work directly with your local insurance provider to manage your claim. Give us a call now at (770) 460-9325 to schedule a visit.  Our list of cities that we service in on the right side.

Services List for Fayetteville:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction and Structural Drying
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Biohazard Clean Up
  • House Flood Repair
  • Sewage/Septic Backup
  • Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Flood Damage Mitigation
  • Smoke, Soot and Odor removal
  • Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

We are NOT Licensed Contracted Roofers

Seamless Partnerships With Insurance Removes Hassle, Delays

Because of our total-care approach, Georgia-based insurance agents and homeowners consistently recommend PuroClean as a "trusted solution" during property damage situations. This relationship with insurance agents in the Fayette County area means that claims are processed more quickly, and with fewer interruptions. We also have relationships in the counties of Coweta, Clayton, Spalding, Henry, Butts, and throughout the South Metro Atlanta region.

A Systematic Property Damage Restoration Approach.

Experienced, certified, trained, and courteous technicians provide a personal level of service highlighted by trust, honesty, and integrity. Our reputation is everything, which is why we earn our business every day. Not only do we represent our own firm, but we also represent those people kind enough to refer our services to their valued clients, friends, and associates.

PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services provides state-of-the art services locally, responding rapidly to your call for water, fire and mold related crisis. Our goal is to contain the damage to the “wounded” property and facilitate the healing process. Your Fayetteville team has the highest levels of certification in the nation. We will put their property restoration expertise to work after floods, fires, mold and related problems so you can get back to normal sooner, with less stress, disruption and financial hardship.

Property Damage Restoration is More than a Technical Problem

We primarily serve the counties of Fayette, Coweta, Spalding, Fulton, Butts,  Clayton, Henry, and Meriwether. We work directly with all insurance carriers and have solid relationships with agents and adjusters in the counties we serve. We perform restoration services for both residential and commercial properties and will never turn away a job that is too small or too big. We have the flexibility and resources to manage jobs of any size. 

The whole Georgia-based PuroClean team understands that water, fire, mold and property damage presents an unexpected and stressful disruption to our daily lives. Our role is beyond just repairing the property - it's also repairing lives.

Our Satisfied customers appreciate a predictable, systematic recovery process, with our team promptly answering questions and giving consistent updates on progress towards normalcy. Customers just call us at (770) 460-9325 or email us at and we usually respond within an hour or two.

Our StoryPuroclean of Fayetteville is part of the Puroclean National Disaster Responder Network for the American Red Cross in the Georgia area.

David and Erin opened PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services in March of 2008. After long careers working for large and successful corporations, David and Erin acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful business owners. Our goal is simple: Work hard to build a solid reputation as a business that provides exceptional customer service and do it while maintaining a level of integrity and professionalism that exceeds what others in the industry offer. Every job is important regardless of size, location, or similarity to others performed in the past. Our business continues to grow every year with each satisfied customer. 
We live where we work and are proud of how we keep high standards of work in our community. We raised our family of three children here and use this business as an example of how they can be difference makers in their lives, too. Our personal principles and high integrity stand out in an area where those qualities are not standard. The feedback we get from our customers uses the words “helpful,” “honest,” “friendly,” “professional,” “knowledgeable,” “on time,” and “courteous.” We take pride in every job we perform. 
Thank you for reading our story and taking the time to learn about us. We are here to help whenever the need arises. We answer our phones 24 hours a day and always promise an immediate response to an emergency. Keep our number handy: (770) 460-9325. 

Our Georgia-based Team:

Our owners David and Erin opened PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services in March of 2008. After long careers working for large and successful corporations, David and Erin acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful business owners. Our goal is simple: work hard to build a solid reputation as a business that provides exceptional customer service, and do it while maintaining a level of integrity and professionalism that exceeds what others in the industry offer. Every job is important regardless of size, location, or similarity to other jobs performed in the past. Our business continues to grow every year with each satisfied customer.

Our Local PuroClean Team

Operations Manager- Lisa Teel 

She has been with our company since November 2011. 

Reviews by Satisfied Customers

Dear Dave,
I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary job you and your team did on our water damage restoration project. It is a very stressful experience to have a flood inside your house, but you did an absolutely fantastic job for us from the very start.
Thankfully, my State Farm agent, Mark Gray, recommended your company for us to contact in the initial phase of the clean up and drying out process. I was out of state on a business trip when my wife learned about the water pipe breaking, so it was a relief to know you folks showed up almost immediately to begin the clean up process.
From that point on, you and your team did exactly what you said you would do, on time and with true professionalism. I cannot thank you enough for helping us through the insurance claim and being our advocate throughout the process. Your men showed up on time every day and took great care of our home and belongings. Everybody went out of their way to go the extra mile, and do the job right.
Now that the job is completed, our home looks better than ever. Your quality workmanship and steadfast communication throughout the process made our disaster much easier to deal with.
Sometimes, people just get lucky on finding a company that is trustworthy, honest, diligent and thorough. Those terms describe PuroClean of Fayetteville, Georgia and I am delighted to be a reference should you need any in the future.
Thanks again, Dave, for a job well done.
Dan Tennant
Peachtree City, Georgia
Cc: Mark Davis, CEO PuroClean


During a time of fear and uncertainty. David and the team provided the knowledge and professionalism that I needed. I can not give a higher recommendation on the work and comfort PuroClean provided. -J.Duke 


I am extremely pleased with the service that has been provided by the members of PuroClean. They were very quick to respond and take care of the damage. They did a very thorough job of removing all damaged materials and all the mold and germs. -B. Koivu


I would use their services again if I ever needed(i hope I don't). They conducted themselves as professionals, were on time and did what they said they were going to do. They were polite, called me by my name, and cleaned up as they went. Would recommend to all my family and friends. - T. Slattery 


PuroClean were very prompt, fast and professional. From the time they walking in the house until the job was finished. When I came home and saw the damage to my house, I just wanted to cry. Once David and his team showed up, they went right to work. And didn't stop until everything was in place. They calmed my nerves and reassured me that everything was going to be ok..and it was because of them. - D. Blackwell 


Wonderful!!! They are completely professional. I knew exactly what to expect daily. They should up when they said they would and did what they said they were going to do. They even worked around our hectic schedule. - R.and B. McClure


David Skinner of PuroClean is amazing! He helped make a difficult situation easier to manage. He and his team kept me informed on everything they were doing. Price was very reasonable too. - J. Rushin


David and his crew were wonderful. They were so professional and patient. So kind to our 94 year old unit owner. Would recommend them to anyone. - Ridgefield Condominium Assoc. Inc


I am so glad I used PuroClean. They made this process easier to handle. Also, a I am "walking impaired", they were out of their way to save me steps.  I would highly recommend this company. David Skinner was so easy to work with. - M. Manley


David and his employees surpassed all expectations. They were at my house starting the "cleanup" with in 90 minutes. This was a late call (10:30pm) and they stayed until 2:30am. They even checked the process daily that weekend and on the holiday.  I wouldn't use anyone else. They are the best. -C. Waples


​You have referred the very best!! I'm so surprised by the helpful courteous approach and the synchronized approach these men displayed in my home. If you ever need to use someone as a reference you can be assured I could give nothing by positive feedback. - L. Skinner


Your company has been my savor. I felt like this company held my hand throughout the entire ordeal. They just went above and beyond. Came to my home, my office, whatever was more convenient for me. No other company would ever do that. - T. Jones


Thank you for putting me in contact with David Skinner, owner of PuroClean. Never having anything happen to us like this- We/I were at complete loss. Mr. Skinner and crew were at my house immediately restoring and informing me of the entire process. And letting me know what repairs had to be done as well. Thank you for being the company my insurance agent referred. - R. Forlines


​I have spoken to other that have gone through the same thing and they wish they had the service PuroClean has given us. Put PuroClean at the top of your call list. You wont regret it. - C. Zwilling


​A crisis situation was made bearable by PuroClean. It was a pleasure to have someone like David Skinnerto be available to help us in our emergency. He is the ultimate in his service. We would recommend him to all of our friends and family. -E. Coward


I have never had a home problem or issue. So we were a bit caught off guard on what to do. This team was amazing and I trusted them in my home. They had an answer to every question I had..and i had many. Very helpful and I appreciate everything they have done. - D. Peters 






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