The extent of one of many fires this summer in Greer.

A Hot Month: August Fire Damage Rages Across Three South Carolina Homes

Fire Restoration

French fries, lawnmowers, and matches–what do they have in common? If you said summer, you’re only half right. They’re also all fire hazards. With residential fires a major factor throughout the scorching season, staying alert is more important than ever in preventing fires and subsequent damage.

Whether it’s August fire damage or any other time of the year, PuroClean of Greer is here when your property is affected. As fire damage restoration experts, we’ll ensure your home is safely and thoroughly remediated to its pre-loss condition.

August Fire Damage Trifecta

Last month, we answered the call for three fire emergencies across South Carolina. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, our skilled team members were more than willing to assist with the restorations.

Kitchen Nightmare

After a sudden late-night decision led to a kitchen fire, a senior Piedmont couple called requesting our fire damage restoration services. While cooking homemade French fries in a pan, the fries caught fire. In a panic, the husband sprayed water onto the pan, causing the fire to spread further. The result was a charred kitchen, including the cabinets and portions of the sink. Smoke damage had also spread throughout their home. Fortunately, the couple wasn’t injured.

We started to work as soon as we arrived, following Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards and protocols. Our diligent crew remediated the damage during the last week of August, leaving the home ready for rebuilding. Great job, team!

The kitchen fire in Piedmont caused extensive damage to the sink (L) and cabinets (R).

Lawnmower Havoc

The following fire damage call we received was from a homeowner in Spartanburg. A fire had broken out in the detached garage. The unlikely culprit? The riding lawnmower. The confined garage space had gotten overheated by the still-hot mower, which had been stored after it had been on for an hour. A fire shortly broke out, causing excessive fire and smoke damage to the garage. Thankfully, the homeowner and their family were unharmed.

We responded promptly, beginning the remediation process using air filtration devices (AFDs) installed with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. While the smoke damage and air quality have improved, our cleanup and fire damage restoration of the affected space is still ongoing. 

A closer look at the damage that occurred in the Spartanburg garage.

Playing with Fire

The third fire damage emergency was near our Greer office. A child had accidentally set their family’s home on fire while playing with an electric match on the couch. The entire living room was left severely damaged by fire and smoke. Fortunately, everyone was safe when we arrived.

Immediately, our skilled technicians identified the structural weaknesses the fire left behind. We cleaned and packed out as much of the family’s valuables as possible before removing portions of the home’s affected areas. Though our restoration work continues, our experienced team has done a fantastic job so far!

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We’re dedicated to providing exceptional fire damage restoration services in Greer and the entire upstate region of South Carolina. Our team of skilled professionals will work diligently to restore your property to its original condition and eliminate any traces of damage caused by soot or smoke. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (864) 565-7500 whenever you need our assistance. PuroClean of Greer is here to help you get back on track quickly and safely.

Last edited on 22nd of September 2023