The water damage affected multiple floors.

Record Low Temperatures Lead to Extensive Water Damage in Greenville Hotel

Water Restoration

When it happens, water damage can be overwhelming and exhausting to resolve. Whether it’s caused by flooding, plumbing leaks, or even a faulty appliance, water can lead to disastrous consequences when it reaches places it shouldn’t. The result could cause severe damage that requires professional intervention.

We are committed to providing the best service possible promptly at a reasonable cost. Whether dealing with a burst pipe or a large-scale disaster, PuroClean of Greer is here to assist you.

Frozen Pipes Fiasco

On Christmas Eve, our office received a call from a client requesting our services for water mitigation. The client, a popular hotel chain, uncovered multiple burst pipes due to record-low temperatures in Greenville.

The first burst pipe was on the fourth floor, saturating three guest rooms and another room on the third floor. The second burst pipe was found in the ballroom’s ceiling, which impacted both bathrooms and the ballroom. Lastly, the third pipe burst in the hotel administration offices.

Our experienced technicians arrived within one hour of the first pipe burst and began the extraction process.

The moisture meter determines the extent of water damage.
The moisture meter detected water damage.

We used a moisture meter to determine the extent of moisture in the areas surrounding the burst pipes. A moisture meter determines the moisture content of a particular material, helping us accurately assess the damage.

Our crew eliminated the wet drywall and insulation from the hotel’s ceiling. We remained on-site until past midnight to ensure the removal and the beginning of the cleanup process were done thoroughly.

Since the work wasn’t done, our crew of six returned Monday to perform the remainder of the cleanup and dry-down process.

We used our specialized PuroClean equipment to dry the affected rooms, including air movers and dehumidifiers. These professional-grade equipment and tools facilitate the drying process, allowing materials and areas to dry in a fraction of the time.

From start to finish, the extraction and dry-down process took seven days to complete. Despite the holiday season, our technicians worked diligently to complete the job and ensure that the hotel was restored to its pre-loss condition. We’re incredibly proud of how quickly, professionally, and safely we finished the work. Great job, team!

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Last edited on 7th of February 2023