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Common Misconceptions about Mitigation and Restoration

Over the years, there has been an abundance of misconceptions and non-truths involving property damage and restoration procedures. Professional restoration companies are trained to see beyond the misconceptions and misinformation […]

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Water Restoration May 27, 2011

Water Damage – The Benefits of Advanced Drying Techniques

Whenever property is damaged by water, it is essential to dry that property and all contents as quickly and effectively as possible.  In the past, water damage restoration contractors had […]

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Fire Restoration May 19, 2011

Tobacco and Smoke Odor Removal

Restoration professionals are often asked if they are able to remove cigarette or tobacco smoke odors. For instance, a home may need to be deodorized when it is being sold; […]

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Water Damage and Mold

Due to the recent floods throughout the United States, much of the nation has experienced violent weather in recent months and literally millions of people have had a deluge (rain […]

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Water Restoration May 4, 2011

Hardwood Floor Drying

In today’s homes, finished flooring materials are becoming more popular than carpet. This changes how we handle the restoration process, as a result of water damage. How the flooded material […]

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Water Restoration April 21, 2011

What To Do After the Storm

“April showers” are sometimes much more than just a bit of rain. Spring weather can include a wide range of weather activity – including serious storms with severe winds that can […]

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