When Mother Nature Strikes: PuroClean of Hoboken Helps With Major Restoration

In The Community

Hurricane Ida was a large and devastating storm that left much of New Jersey underwater. It is difficult to quantify the monetary losses in damage. Many areas are still dealing with the effects, weeks after the storm hit. The large-scale destruction has also created an opportunity for us at PuroClean of Hoboken to help our community. After water flooded the public storage facility, our team was referred by Signal Restoration (PuroClean’s sister company) to perform major repairs.

Weeks of Water Damage

Our community has been challenged trying to get back on its feet in the wake of the storm. We have worked on many jobs, large and small, helping all sorts of families and businesses. While we have attended to most of the smaller floods, the larger ones, such as this one at a Jersey City storage facility, will take months to complete.

For this job, we have to dry multiple floors and different individual units. As a storage facility, there are many personal items housed that were also damaged by the water that needed to be restored. We did pack-outs for the individual units to take those items to a secure location while we focused on the building. The personal items will also be restored.

This was not the only major job we have taken on. Each one can take between three weeks and a few months to complete. All of our staff has been working incredibly hard since the hurricane hit and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has assisted us.

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We know our community is still bearing the effects of Hurricane Ida. If you find that your property needs assistance with water damage, know you are not alone. Call us at (201) 868-4817 for professional water and property damage mitigation services.

Last edited on 11th of November 2021

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