professional technician in hazmat gear, pointing at mold in the garage

PuroClean Takes on Mold in the Garage of Unoccupied Home

Mold Restoration

Being away from your property can come with more problems than just homesickness. This is especially true if there’s an issue affecting your property, like mold in the garage or a flooded laundry room, and you aren’t there to deal with it. Our recent clients found themselves in this exact situation. With hundreds of miles between them and the property, they trusted the experts of PuroClean of Jupiter to handle some mold remediation with professionalism and care.

Performing Mold Remediation with Compassion, Care, and Professionalism

In mid-November 2021, a young couple who own a home in Jupiter, Florida discovered mold in the garage and the garage bathroom of their property. Mold can cause health issues, especially upper respiratory problems, and create structural damage to a home. While it was fortunate for their health that they weren’t occupying the property at the time, it made the remediation process a little trickier. Since they weren’t actually in town, we had to work with them remotely.

Our crew showed up promptly to begin the remediation process. Since the couple was not in the West Palm Beach area to monitor our work, it was even more imperative that we kept up constant communication. We spoke through phone calls and the security cameras that were installed on the property, letting them know the status of the mold in the garage and the entire remediation.

Mold remediation requires special products. The PuroClean of Jupiter team recently remediated mold in the garage and garage bathroom of a local unoccupied home.

Our crew started by assessing the property, locating the source of the mold, and testing the toxicity levels. We then had to isolate the affected areas so that we could center in on the mold and avoid cross-contamination of unaffected areas. Although we were called to handle mold in the garage, we had to check the entire property in case the spores had spread (with the owners’ permission, of course.)

Once we set up containment to enclose the affected areas, the real work began. Our technicians completed a thorough cleaning using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorbing) air filter devices and HEPA vacuums. It’s vital to remove all excess moisture during the mold remediation so that more mold doesn’t grow back. At PuroClean of Jupiter, we follow all industry standards and use the most advanced technology with any property restoration. Using advanced technology ensures the work is completed to the highest quality, which ensures our customers are safe, healthy, and happy.

The job itself was fairly routine as we deal with mold remediation frequently. However, the challenge came from working with clients who were not nearby. The couple had to fully trust that we were taking care of their property and taking care of the mold in the garage. We finished the entire job in just one week, and the clients were thrilled with everything.

PuroClean is Available 24/7 to Assist with Your Property Restoration Needs

At PuroClean of Jupiter, our team is available 24/7 to help with your property restoration needs. Whether you find mold in the garage or experience fire damage, we are ready to handle the situation with genuine compassion and empathy. We take to work with you in whatever circumstances, whether you’re here or there. Give us a call at (561) 277-6999.

Last edited on 8th of December 2021