How to Stay Safe During a Flood: Important Tips for Families

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Flash floods can be a serious threat to you and your home. Whether due to bacteria, mold, electricity, or rapid streams, they can pose a danger to the health and safety of those affected by its harmful waters. 

For example, you can contract a disease by eating or drinking contaminated products. Floodwaters can inadvertently cause an outbreak of bacteria like E. coli or salmonella in food during a power surge. There’s also a risk of skin infection if you come in contact with floodwater.

Here are the most common hazards during and after a home flood caused by flash flooding — and tips to stay safe from them.

Before a Flood

Here’s how to help keep your family and your home safe before a flash flood occurs: 

How to stay safe during a flood.
Talk to your family about how to stay safe during a flood.

During a Flood Watch or Warning

If a flood watch or a flood warning has been issued, follow these tips:

How to Prevent Infections During a Flood

If your home was flooded, there is a chance it could be contaminated with sewage. This can lead to infection, so follow these precautions accordingly: 

Avoid Rapid-Flowing Waters

If a flash flood has inundated local roads in your area, follow these safety tips:

how to stay safe during a flash flood
Don’t drive through flowing water, even if it’s just a few inches deep.

Beware of Respiratory Hazards

Tips to avoid respiratory hazards include:

Steer Clear of Chemical Exposure

When returning to your home after a flood, be aware of potential chemical hazards that may have been caused by floodwaters.

First, don’t move propane tanks yourself, as they may cause a fire or explode. Call the state fire marshal’s office immediately.

If you see car batteries in floodwaters, don’t get close to them to avoid electrical shock. Also, beware of any acid that may have spilled from a damaged car battery.

How to Avoid Electrical and Gas Dangers

Flash floods also bring electrical and gas dangers. Here’s how to stay safe from them:

Don’t Forget About Debris

In the wake of a flood, all kinds of debris may be potentially dangerous. Watch out for broken glass, construction or demolition debris, and tree limbs.

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Flash floods are devastating events. The aftermath of a flood can be just as dangerous as the flood itself. That’s why it’s important to follow these flood safety tips and take immediate precautions. 

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Last edited on 22nd of June 2022