What Questions Should I Ask the Insurance Agent After Home Fire in West Central Florida?

Fire Restoration

In the unfortunate event of a home fire, the first decisions you make are crucial to getting your Florida property and life back on track. You must call your insurance agency immediately and ask how to deal with the situation.

It’s important to discuss subjects such as protecting what remains of your home, their approved restoration companies in west central Florida, temporary housing near your home, and selling or rebuilding your home.

When interacting with your insurance agent after a home fire, we recommend the following:

Submit a Proof of Loss claim

Report the loss to your insurance agent as soon as you hear about the fire in your Florida home. This is a requirement in all home policies. Contact your agent by phone or email, submitting a “proof of loss claim,” a list of losses and their values.

Be aware that high value items like jewelry and electronics may not be covered by the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Payouts for fine jewelry, works of art, and the latest electronics are generally limited and you will have had to purchase additional coverage. A home fire can devalue your estate greatly if you are not carrying the proper type and amount of insurance.

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Protect what remains of your Florida home

Ask your insurance agent what can be done to protect what remains of your home if the fire hasn’t completely destroyed it. Depending on the situation, your agent may advise you to cover the windows or to set up a temporary fence. He or she could also recommend a central Florida company that assesses structural damage.

What to do after a home fire in Florida
Fire remediation companies like PuroClean can restore burnt surface, clean up soot, and remove smoke odor after a home fire.

Contact a fire remediation company that services the Lakeland FL area

Contact a disaster remediation company like PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists, that can restore burnt surfaces, clean up soot, and remove the smoke odor, provided that the home’s structure is sound after the fire.

As soon as the fire is extinguished, your next step is to to seek professional help that can clean up the mess and prevent further damage. Your insurance agent should know several reputable companies that can do the job for you. We are available 24/7 with expert fire restoration services.

Temporary housing in central Florida

Ask your agent about temporary housing. In case you can’t return to your Florida home after the fire, ask your insurance agent if your policy includes reimbursement for temporary housing. Some policies may only cover the cost of food, for example. Discuss this matter with your agent.

Some temporary housing options near Lakeland and Plant City Florida include Airbnb and short term lease units that are fully furnished and offer kitchens. Many allow small pets as well.

Rebuild or sell your fire damaged home?

Ask if you should rebuild or sell your house. Selling your Florida home is preferable if your insurance company doesn’t cover all repair costs or the house was not in good shape prior to the fire. However, consider repairing if the damages are minor.

Smoke damage is a huge concern after even the smallest of home fires. We offer professional smoke odor removal services that may help make your home livable after a smaller home fire.

24/7 expert fire remediation services for Lakeland FL area

Make sure that you learn all about your insurance policy in advance, since the claims process involves several guidelines that you must follow carefully. For more to ask your insurance agent read 7 Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover.

After the fire is out, PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists experts can work with your insurance agent to help mitigate the fire damage losses and restore your home.

Last edited on 21st of February 2022