2021 Holiday Party Safety Checklist

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holiday party safety checklist from PuroClean

The holiday season is a time for celebration and joyful gatherings, and safety measures should be at the top of any holiday preparation list. If you’re planning a New Years or other holiday party, follow these holiday party safety guidelines to help keep everyone safe:

  • Have a fire escape plan. You should have one for your family and tell your house guests about your family’s fire escape plan. Tips on how to make one can be found here.
  • If some of your guests are smokers, politely ask them to smoke outside. Provide them with large, deep ashtrays and remind smokers to keep their smoking materials away from young children.
  • If you plan on using decorative lights, use safety tested and approved electric lights. Check all strings, and discard or repair any broken bulb sockets, frayed wiring or loose connections. More fire safety tips for Thanksgiving are available here.
  • Consider food safety: do not let food sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours. If the temperature is above 85 degrees, you can leave food out in the room for only 1 hour.
  • Be aware of your pets’ interactions with your guests. Make sure your guests are comfortable with your pets and vice versa. Consider keeping your pets in a closed room or elsewhere.
  • Be mindful when serving alcohol to your guests. As the host, you should not let any inebriated guests drive after the party. Have a designated driver (who won’t consume alcohol) for each group or call a taxi. Provide plenty of food to your guests to diminish the effects of alcohol.
  • When the party is over, walk around the home and ensure fireplaces and candles are extinguished. Turn off any unnecessary appliances and gather any potential hazards, such as sharp or flammable objects, and put them in a safe place.
  • Check the CDC website for all up-to-date Coronavirus guidelines.

Be sure to follow these holiday party safety tips to celebrate responsibly. More general holiday safety tips can be found here. Check out this article to learn winter fire safety tips. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 31st of December 2021