Mold Growth Is Common In Olympia, Washington. Here’s What You Can Do To Help

A mountain in Olympia Washington where rainfall and humidity can cause mold growth in homes

Olympia, like other areas in the Pacific Northwest, is a high rainfall area that experiences extensive humidity throughout the year. This humid climate and frequent rainfall makes Olympia a prime destination for mold growth and water damage. Anywhere where there is higher risk of water damage also will be followed by mold. Olympia is ripe with organic material and nature, and while this makes Olympia a beautiful place to live, it also means a heightened risk of damage to your home.

Taking the right precautions can help prevent you from a costly visit from a mold remediation specialist. Mold spores are naturally found in the environment and can enter and grow quickly in your home without proper ventilation, precautions to prevent humidity, and regular cleaning. So what can you do in Olympia to prevent these spores from growing in your home?

Ensure That Your Home In Olympia Has Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation can prevent mold growth effectively, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where mold growth is more common. An often overlooked area for ventilation is the attic and crawlspace. These fairly removed areas of homes are frequently forgotten about and neglected, but mold growth can spread anywhere in the home after it finds a birth place. Mold in your attic can easily spread to the livable areas of your home, and so having ventilation in these areas is highly important. In addition, using an exhaust fan in your kitchen while cooking and cleaning can aid in the prevention of mold growth by allowing any moisture to escape and avoid being trapped inside of the home.

Plants Inside Of The Home Can Be A Cause Of Mold

While plants can be a great way to spruce up your home and add some personality to a room, but they can also increase indoor humidity. If your home is decorated with a large amount of indoor plants, ensure that you are taking additional precautions to prevent mold, such as additional ventilation and a dehumidifier. Any increase in indoor humidity can lead to mold growth and require mold removal and remediation.

Use A Dehumidifier In Your Home

A dehumidifier is a great way to help prevent mold growth inside of the home. You can find a lot of options for dehumidifiers on Amazon that can be shipped right to your doorstep. It’s recommended to place the dehumidifier somewhere that is a high moisture area such as a bathroom, kitchen, or attic. You ideally want moisture levels below 60% indoors.

Regularly Clean Your Home With Proper Cleaning Supplies

Regular cleaning can prevent mold growth and not allow mold to have a ripe area to grow spores. There are even specially made cleaning products specifically for mold prevention that can be helpful to have on hand and use for higher-risk mold areas of your home.

Address Leaks Promptly Whenever You Notice Them

Addressing a leaking faucet or any potential water damage in your home is important to take care of swiftly. Allowing potential plumbing issues to continue without remedying the leak can allow water and moisture buildup in walls or floors. Anywhere where there is water damage, mold will follow and be more costly to fix. Ensure that you are having home inspections conducted whenever it is recommended and monitoring the health and status of your plumbing.

If you are struggling with mold in your home in Olympia, it is always best to contact a specialist. A mold remediation specialist can come in, assess the damage, and eradicate the mold in your home. Puroclean Northwest is the trusted source for mold removal and mold remediation in Olympia, Washington, and we are here to help. Visit our contact page to schedule a time where one of our specialists can come in and assess the mold growth in your home. For more information about mold removal, visit our mold removal service page to read more about our team and processes.

Last edited on 17th of November 2023